Hi, I’m Steve Wallis.

You may remember me from such websites as YouTube.com, and .. well, probably just YouTube. I’m someone who enjoys a little camping every now and then. Several years ago I started a channel called Camping With Steve where I film myself camping in various oddball locations, doing outdoorsy things, working on different projects, and generally just sharing my adventures throughout life – of which there have been many.

My camping philosophy is simple:

  • Step 1 – get shelter set up
  • Step 2 – crack open a beer and figure out the rest later

I’m by no means a professional camper or survivalist, I’m just someone who really enjoys camping and film making. It’s wonderful that people enjoy my videos and I look forward to planning and shooting them.

I camp in all types of weather and locations, including some of the coldest places inhabited by man. You name it, I’ve probably camped there. I’ve camped in all sorts of unusual spaces, and under many different circumstances, but camping is camping and I love it. I’ve lived in vehicles, motorhomes, tents, forests, and even in a van down by the river. I do try to avoid public campgrounds if I can help it, but sometimes it’s necessary.

In addition to camping, I also boondock, backpack, cycle, gold mine, raft, and drive quite a bit throughout Canada. I’m always on the move and doing something to keep busy. Cooking is also one of my hobbies – did you know you can add shredded cheese to pretty much anything?

Outside of camping, I enjoy watching classic Simpsons, hanging out with friends around a firepit, and playing a little guitar. I prefer to keep life simple and just try to enjoy the ride.

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