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Frequently Asked Questions

I get asked a lot of various questions, which are quite often the same questions that other people have. I’ve put together a brief FAQ below to hopefully answer some of the more common questions you might have.

Where can I donate to the beer fund?

Firstly, thank you for your interest and support. Check out the donations page for information.

What is Crazy Neighbours YouTube channel?

You can find his YouTube channel at @crazyneighbour2429.

Who is Steve Wallis?

Camping With Steve is a YouTube channel created by Steve Wallis, a Canadian YouTuber known for his unique approach to camping. Steve Wallis has gained a significant following for his entertaining and educational videos that often feature unconventional camping methods.

Have you ever had any close calls or dangerous experiences while camping?

I once had a close call with a security guard when I was stealth camping in the woods beside a highway. He got close with a flashlight so naturally I ran into the bush and hid. Eventually he went about his business and everything was okay for the rest of the night. Another time, while in an abandoned campground, a dog came running up from some dog walkers, which was a little startling. He ran back to them and didn’t tell them about me. Lastly, some moose walked through the campsite when I was filming winter camping with summer gear and I hid in the car until they left because I wasn’t sure if they were aggressive. Given that they were moose, they probably were.

I would like to invite Steve to camp at my property! Interested?

Thank you very much for the offer and hospitality but I will most likely turn it down. I get a lot of offers for this sort of thing and it just wouldn’t be logistically possible to take advantage of them. It’s okay though, generally I prefer to camp in places that don’t require permission.

Does Camping With Steve host giveaways?

I have done them before, yes, but they often lead to a number of scammers showing up pretending to be me and causing all sorts of problems. I don’t want anybody to get scammed so I don’t do them as often anymore. I will try again at some point though!

I am also not looking for any products to give away or collaborate with any companies on a giveaway.

How old is Steve?

Old enough to know better.

I’m a company that is looking to sponsor a Camping With Steve video, how do we do that?

At this time I am not looking for sponsorship of any kind, but thank you.

Can you donate to my campaign/fundraiser?

Each year I make several donations to national charities and organizations that do good work towards improving life for people experiencing poverty and hardship. Food banks are especially close to my heart because I have had to use them in the past, and Jess was also fond of them. It’s not possible to donate to every person that asks (which would be nice) so I prefer to do it this way.

Where is Steve from?

Steve Wallis was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He spent time growing up on Vancouver Island, around BC and in Alberta.

Does Steve have a public mailing address?

Not at this time. This means I am not able to accept physical donations or gifts, although I do very much appreciate the offer! I spend a lot of time on the road so it’s just not feasible for me at the moment. This may change someday and when/if it does, I’ll let everyone know. Thank you.

Where is the school bus?

Parked at home, back in Alberta. While it’s fun to drive and film with, it’s not four wheel drive and needs a little repair work. It’s not the best vehicle for long distances or stealth camping. It will make a triumphant return in future videos, I just have no ETA on when that might be sorry.

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